Holistic Health Therapies & Services

Vibroacoustic Sound Healing

30 & 45-minute sessions available

Add on's:   Tuning Fork Therapy
                                  AI Voice Analysis w/Report 

Sound healing combined with 3-D surround sound & vibroacoustics for the ultimate sensation using frequency waves, tones, and low-frequency vibrations that transfers healing energies throughout your body.                                                                                                                           This is a great therapy for for muscle tension & relaxation needs, relief from minor aches & pains, general impacts to mood, mental/emotional relaxation and bliss.  Perfect if you also just need a balance and reset!

Nutrigenetics Testing

Learn your Body's DNA Response to food & Nutrition

Nutrition Nutrigenetics:

Provides your DNA analysis with recommendations regarding how you currently process and respond to nutrition naturally.  Stop the guessing with how to feel better, look better, or even for weight loss. 

Provides pathologies, intolerances, vitamin/mineral gaps, predeterminations, and general biomarkers.  Start making informed decisions with your overall health and weight today.  Includes an intake assessment, a health coaching review, and a summary report out so you are clear on next action steps and can begin to achieve your goals. 


Health Nutrigenetics:

Provides your DNA analysis determining your potential health risks as it relates to disease, breast cancer and other cancer risks, Parkinson's, MS, Diabetes, Alzheimer's and so much more.  Don't wait any longer, know your risks now, and let's develop your best prevention strategies for holistic health & wellness that can last a lifetime!

Tuning Fork Therapy

Whether you need balance, relaxation, or addressing chronic physical or emotional pain...there is a frequency for you!

Tuning forks carries sonic vibrations that stimulate your vital/subtle energy, encouraging the body's energy to flow naturally. Striking a tuning fork, then holding it against an area that feels tense or painful is a popular technique to alleviate symptoms and encourage healing. Tuning forks can also stimulate mental energy and heighten self-awareness.  

Tuning forks also provide sound therapy which helps induce a deeper state of relaxation and can help with meditation and releasing negative feelings and emotions.

Tuning forks are known to reduce stress and pain, and to help re-establish balanced breathing. Research indicates that low sound frequency helps reduce inflammation and can increase bone density, and is used as an alternative approach to help relieve both acute and chronic pain therapies for relief. 

Meditation & Self-Hypnosis Coaching

A Deeper Connection Within...Build your skill set.  

Meditation may significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain while enhancing peace, perception, self-concept and well-being.

Self-Hypnosis demonstrates benefits for boosting mindfulness and reducing stress, easing feelings of anxiety, self-confidence, weight loss, and addiction reductions.

These can be used as stand-alone modalities or in combination with each other for maximum results during your sessions.  For those who find it hard to meditate or utilize hypnosis we will incorporate Muse 2 biofeedback. 

I decided to try the Vibroacoustic Sound Healing Therapy.  I had never even heard of this before.  I've tried so many things to help with my anxiety.  It impacts me personally and at work.  It is so hard to focus and meet demands when you are anxious all of the time.  Just when I was going to give up someone referred me to RevitaLife where I met Barbara.  She made me feel at ease but of course I was anxious.  It was new.  I wasn't sure that I even believed in sound healing after she explained it.  This bed with the vibroacoustics rocked my world.  She used tuning forks.  I had no idea what those were either.  She used AI with voice analytics which produced a report that informed her the areas to concentrate on and where I needed balance. I'm seeing her weekly now and my anxiety is the best that it has been in at least a decade.  I am less anxious, I'm sleeping better, and I feel so much lighter.  You have got to try it!

Joy R. - Chandler

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