Heart-Focused Breathing Techniques

Self-regulate your emotions and your heart rate variability

Utilizing heart math, we will teach you breathing techniques that will serve as a self-regulation strategy to help reduce your intensity to stress reactions and neutralize other depleting emotions.  

Establishing heart coherence is creating a high performance and healthy state physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in order to bring out the very best of us.  This occurs when our body's systems:  our breathing, heart rhythm, brain rhythm and emotional response are in sync with each other.  That's right...your brain and your heart communicate with each other.  This is extremely effective for your heart and your brain health. 

Research shows that heart coherence can be self-generated leading to less mental and emotional stress and more inner security & stability. 

Microcurrent Therapy

Pain Mgt - Scar Reduction - Sinus Therapy

Microcurrent impulses trigger a chemical reaction as a cellular level to increase the effectiveness of how our bodies use a protein called ATP which is referred to as the "energy of life" it helps your cells store energy and release it as needed. It's actually the preferred energy molecule in the cell.  

We utilize microcurrent to trigger the chemical reaction of "the energy of life" to help with wound healing, scar reduction (internally & externally), inflammation reduction, alternative pain therapy relief, muscle function improvement and even sinus improvements. 

FDA approved and take very little of your time but provides big results!

Health & Wellness Coaching

Board-Certified Educated Coach
Lifestyle Weight Management
Holistic Health:  Prevention & Chronic Management

If you fail to plan than you plan to fail.  Develop a strategy and plan with someone who was trained and is committed to your success.  Someone who can offer pro-tips and programs to keep you focused on the priority and goal.  Someone who knows how to keep you accountable.  Having a friend support you is great...investing in a coach is better.  Teams win with coaches and you can too!

The Quantum Evaluation

A Holistic Baseline to your Overall Health

Discover the power of "The Quantum Evaluation" 

This service offers a comprehensive baseline health analysis.

We will explore the connection between emotions, meridians, and organs, gaining insights into your body's energy systems. Your results will help us to identify imbalances and allow us to create a personalized wellness plan tailored to your needs, to achieve optimal health and vitality.  

I had a knee surgery and was out for about 16 weeks.  My surgeon offered a laser program to reduce my scar.  It was thousands of dollars.  Quite frankly the scar pain & discomfort bothered me more.  It felt tight and my scar actually looked buckled.  I tried the microcurrent scar reduction program - 8 appointments total but easy, pain-free, and didn't take a lot of time.  There was no down-time.   Barbara told me it would not disappear but that it would feel and look tremendously better.  I tried it.  I'm so happy.  My scar doesn't look buckled anymore and it's not tight feeling either.  Yes, the scar is not only lighter but it's less noticeable.  It's much smaller and I see a definite difference.  Plus I didn't have to worry about my skin especially since I struggle with brown spots and malasma which was a high risk with the laser.  I cannot believe how affordable this was.  

Jennifer B - Nail Tech

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